Last month we celebrated our 5th birthday by inviting guests to join us for a mini celebration with nibbles, drinks and mingling. We also asked 2 of our clients to do a little talk about why they use Creative Content Company and what we do for them, so businesses could see how we help ‘real people’ achieve more for their business online.

Helen Rome of Elite Events was one of these clients and she chose to do a poem about us and what we do for her business, A video can be found here, but this was her poem;

For those who don’t know me

I’m from Elite

And when I first started

I thought everything was sweet

I was introduced to Hazel

And we started to chat

And I very soon realised

My media presence was crap

So, I asked for her help

She said this is what I do

She took me on board

And it now looks all new

She first took my linked in

And sorted that out

Then she took my Facebook

And soon I was out

There looking quite good

All shiny and new

I thought we had finished

But no there’s still more to do

She looked at my website

And said “oh my days

This could be much better

In so many ways”

I thought it was good

But no, it too needed her touch

And it went from ok to great

I couldn’t thank her enough

I thought great we are done

But she then opened a door

To hashtags, blogs, twitter

Who knew there was more?

I thought to myself

Will I ever get it right?

The world was all scary again

I had such a fright

But like a social media super hero

She swooped in, saved the day

And the world is less scary

It’s actually ok

So here I am now

Nearly a year on

We’re blogging and posting

My shyness has gone

So for those of you wondering

What could she do for me?

Give her a call and

You will soon see

Yes there are others out there

You could put them to the test

But don’t waste your time

Because Hazel’s the best

You see with Hazel on board

The worlds a much better place

The stress will be lifted

She puts a smile on your face

So in closing there really is

Only one thing to do

Say Happy Birthday my Darling

May the next year be amazing – like you!

Our other client that spoke was Amanda of Sawtry Beauty Clinic and Beauty Consulting Coaching who also did a wonderful presentation / testimonial for us. A video of this can be found here.

Thank you again to all that came and supported us, and have done over the last 5 years.