We were thrilled last week when Rachel of Forbes Training Ltd signed up to help us out at VisionShift, our community project in Peterborough Prison, not just helping on one day, but both days meaning she will come on the male and female side of the prison to talk about what she does while offering advice and guidance to residents in Peterborough Prison who are soon to be released and are not sure what to do on release.

Forbes Training Ltd has been going a very short time, just a few months in fact, so we were intrigued in why she had chosen to sign up for the event as a brand new business and this is what Rachel had to say;

” I signed up for this event for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am aware that many people end up in prison because of the situations they are faced with, which often centre around the need to support themselves and their family in difficult times. Additionally, having served in the Army, I am also aware that many soldiers find themselves facing prison as a result of poor mental health and finding themselves struggling to deal with life outside of the forces. I would like to support people who have been faced with such difficulties and offer life skills in the form of First Aid training, which adds to their qualifications but also promotes teamwork and self confidence, skills which can enhance future job prospects.

I hope to meet some inspirational people and widen the knowledge of my services, whilst hopefully helping people progress with their aspirations. I think that if people are looking for a worthwhile event where they can spread the word of their services whilst helping the community at the same time, then this is the event for them. “

If you are a new business, a small business, a large business or any business we would love for you to join us at VisionShift so please drop me an email to [email protected] along with your full name, company name and the date or dates you can help and I will get you booked onto this excellent event.