If you opened this blog post in the hope of seeing tips for regular bowel movements then you may have come to the wrong place. That said, if you’re a business owner and you didn’t know that you should be posting 5-6 times a day on social media to stay regular… this may have helped you stay regular in the bowel sense!

Staying regular and good social media management isn’t actually as tricky as it sounds; the easiest option is to pay someone like us to manage your social media presence for you.

Or you could follow the tips below for post and status ideas that you can share on your business social media pages, it’s even easier if you use Hootsuite to schedule these posts, but if you need help with this, just ask because we do offer Hootsuite training if you’re not sure.

  1. Share updates on events you are attending and give a link so others can attend the event too
  2. Share photos of events that you are at, whether it’s a photo of the entrance, the roller banner or the room of people it shows you are there and you are real
  3. The types of projects you’re working on that day; obviously don’t give a company name but instead talk about what you are doing for the industry so it shows how you can work and where you work
  4. Meetings you’re going to, again no mentioning names if you don’t want to, and even photos of the meeting – either the coffee cups or a picture of you both?
  5. Share testimonials of happy clients you’ve worked with
  6. Share links to case studies so people can see what you have done for companies similar to theirs and how you can help them
  7. If it works for your business, share photos of the work you have done or the work you are doing
  8. Include links back to pages on your website, either the about us page, testimonials or service pages for example
  9. Share links back to your blog posts with snippets from the blog to peek their interest, then they click to your website to read more
  10. Post special offers for connections and followers only so this encourages others to like your business social media pages
  11. Share some selfies and videos if you’re feeling confident – this gives people a chance to see the person behind the company and build a relationship with you
  12. Do like and share competitions on social media platforms
  13. Share hints and tips along with advice and guidance so you’re showing you know your stuff and are happy to help others

If you’re still struggling with posting on your business social media then please contact us directly; we would be only too happy to help! We can offer social media training or social media management meaning we can teach you how to do it or post on your social media pages for you.