While you may have a shop front that attracts customers into your business, you may do most of your business via networking or perhaps you have your clients and they are brilliant at promoting your business for you so you think you’re getting to all your customers… but could you be neglecting online customers?

97% of consumers search online for products and services just like the products and services that your business provide; are you there, easy and ready for them to find?

70% of consumers compare prices online or read reviews; how do your prices compare and are reviews easy to find of your business?

88% of consumers have been influenced by an online review they have seen? Are your online reviews positive and if they are negative, what have you done to respond, improve or remove them?

91% of consumers have visited a store because of an online experience; how are your target audience treated online by your business?

37% of consumers use the internet on average at least once a month to find a store; is your store address on your website and social media making it easy for your consumers to find you?

If any of these points have made you double think then you need to correct them immediately and in many cases this will not be too hard.

For example, check your website and all social media platforms to ensure your address is on there, make sure your keywords and the search terms you want your business to be found for are clear on all pages of your website and check review sites for reviews of your business and respond accordingly.

You may have been ignoring or neglecting your online customers before, but you can change that now.

Read through the points above and make the corrections where needed. Then going forward take time out of your business to keep social media posts active and engaging, keep an eye on reviews and regularly update your website with content and blogs to keep it fresh and SEO friendly so it can be found with ease.