I need up to 4 motivational / inspirational speakers to present in Peterborough Prison on Monday 13th June or Friday 17th June. You will be presenting to up to 30 prisoners and up to three members of their family or close friends at an event known as Achievement Day.

Helen, a wonderful member of staff at Peterborough Prison has set up Achievement Day at Peterborough Prison and the event runs every three months, with one session on the female side of the prison and another on the male side.

Achievement Day is a very ‘feel good’ day as up to 30 prisoners will have been nominated by their peers, teachers and prison wardens for doing amazing things. This could be working through a course really well, helping others with their education, working as a mentor for others or by overcoming a fear or something that is holding them back.

I take 2 speakers in on each of the days, from mid morning until early afternoon, and we get to see the achievement awards being given to the prisoners, we then present to the room to motivate and inspire others, before joining prisoners and their families for a delicious spread of buffet style food that has been made by the prisoners themselves. The cakes are absolutely out of this world!

Maybe you would like to share how you have overcome a fear, how you set up a business when it looked like you never could or maybe you have made mistakes in the past and want to take about the person you are today further to those mistakes?

Previously we have had people share motivational stories about dealing with a stutter and not letting that hold them back, a business owner who struggles with dyslexia, life coaches and mentors talking about how to get out of a downward spiral and also a mother of someone who was once in prison.

This is a brilliant opportunity to do something for your local community and inspire others to be better people, if you would like to get involved please contact me at [email protected]