Here at Creative Content Company we are lucky enough to have on-going and monthly clients that allow us to be steady and pretty busy throughout all months of the year, but we are aware this is not the case for many businesses that experience peaks and troughs in business. If you are anything like us you will go stir crazy when business slows down so what can you do to stay active in mind while the business is slow?

We have put together a few ideas that you can try out yourselves;


While business is quiet you have a great opportunity to get out there, try new networking groups and look for different networking opportunities. If you haven’t tried out our networking group in Peterborough called Creative Networking then you’d be more than welcome to give us a try. We run three events a month at different times of the day and with no membership fees you are welcome to come to the networking events in Peterborough that interest you.

Social Media Scheduling

Why not use this quite time in your business to schedule your social media posts for the next few days, weeks or months? We have created a free Hootsuite Guide you can use to help set up and start using hootsuite as a social media scheduling tool, but you’ll be surprised how little time it can take to schedule your social media posts and how much time you can save by using it.

Create Evergreen Content

We have previously written about evergreen content, what evergreen content is and the benefits of evergreen content. You can use this time when things are quieter to create some high quality evergreen content for your business website. This could be used as guest posts on other websites, additional pages on your website or even blog posts for you to schedule and share on your social media.

Write Blog Posts

Regular updates and additional content to your website can be really beneficial for SEO and will help you get seen on Google and be seen by your target audience – but writing blog posts for your business can also be time consuming so when business is slow make the most of this time and write some blog posts and schedule them to go live on your website at different intervals.

Just as a side note – it is recommended that you upload a new blog post at least once a month, ideally once or twice a week to keep your website really active, we upload a new blog post at least every other day and we have seen the impact of this on our website traffic, SEO and sales!

As a quick note though, do not blog for the sake of blogging and make sure you keep it up. Don’t post every week for 7 weeks and then not again for months on end. If you start blogging regularly and find you can’t keep it up as business gets busier again then we can always create a few blog posts for you until you catch up.