Are you built for running? I am most certainly not. I don’t have a lot of stamina, I have short, stubby legs and my fitness levels are pretty poor too. I enjoy exercise classes and gym sessions; love a bit of swimming too – but running… it’s just not for me!

In business it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses; you may be great at running your business, but when it comes to managing your online presence you struggle? Perhaps you’re great at coming up with blog post ideas, but don’t have the time to write the blog posts; or vice versa, you want to write the blog posts but don’t have the blog post ideas?

At times like that we can help – in fact that is why Angela was employed. I can do admin tasks and send invoices, but she doesn’t enjoy it. Meanwhile, Angela does enjoy it; she is much better at it and quicker too.

But back to running!

Running is something I am not built for, but I want to do a sponsored run to help raise money for Little Miracles. It is a 5k fun run, but I can’t run, not even 5k. I feel it would be cheeky to ask people to sponsor me to walk, as I quite enjoy a leisurely stroll, but I really want to support the charity.

On speaking to Little Miracles and Connect Business Networking, we decided to put a team together (great idea from Lorna at Sphere by the way) and together we could encourage each other to push ourselves that little bit harder.

Then Michelle of Little Miracles added that she always needed people to push some of her children who are keen to be part of the Great Eastern Run 5k so that is what I will be doing. I shall be pushing a child in a wheelchair for the 5k and I am asking very kindly if you would like to sponsor me for doing exactly that?

If you’d like to join me in the Great Eastern Run, you want to push a child in a wheelchair or you’d like to sponsor me please contact me directly; I can assure you that this will be a challenge for me –and I will ensure I am suitably dressed in a form of ‘recognisable’ outfit!

Sometimes you just have to take a step outside that comfort zone; and that is exactly what I will be doing!