Recent research by Digital Marketing World shows just how much video is gaining tremendous importance for marketers. Here is the research that they have found to show why you should be using videos for your online marketing.

  • 91% of businesses believe that it helps them increase the understanding of their products and services for their audience. Would you like your customers to have a better understanding of your offerings and why they need to purchase from you?
  • 81% of small and medium businesses are already using video as part of their online marketing. Basically speaking – your competition is using video right now to steal your potential customers.
  • 80% of all internet use has come from video in 2020. This means that video is offering a huge audience to businesses like yours, if you use video for your business.
  • 78% of all internet users are already watching at least one online video every week. Could this be your online video that they are watching?
  • 76% of small and medium businesses state that their video as part of online marketing is helping increase sales for the business.
  • 55% of people using the internet are already watching online videos every single day. Could it be your online video that they are watching?

If you think that there is nothing to do a video about in your business, we think you’re wrong. You could take about industry news and your take on changes, as one example. How about asking your happy customers for video testimonials?

You could also interview your team or suppliers on video too. How about using some of your blogs as video inspiration? You can then link back to the blog in the video.

There are loads of ways businesses can be using videos for online marketing. Using videos for your online marketing will really help your business too. You can boost your SEO and help increase your online presence too.

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