Are you wondering if your business is ready to outsource your social media? This may have been something that you have been thinking about for some time and just can’t quite decide on. It’s understandable. Investing in a social media marketing company in Peterborough is a big deal. After all, you will be putting the social media presence of your business into another person’s hands. However, that person will be an expert in their area. They will know how best to promote your business through social media and other online marketing platforms.

So, are you ready to outsource your social media?

When thinking about outsourcing the social media marketing of your business, you need to think about a few things. This way you can make sure you find the right social media marketing company to manage your social media presence.

For example, you need to think about your business goals. What are you hoping to achieve from social media? Are you going on social media for brand awareness? Maybe you want it as a place to build trust and show your audience you are a real business. Perhaps your goal from social media is pure leads and sales? Whatever you decide, you need to speak to potential social media marketers about what you expect. They can then help you decide if these are the right goals for your business and if they are achievable.

You need to think about your needs from a social media marketer too. Do you want someone to create paid ads for you? Maybe you need someone just to post on social media platforms. This way you know you have a presence, but you can pop in and out to update the posts or respond to queries. Maybe you need a full social media management campaign planned out. By knowing what you need, you can make sure the social media marketing company you choose, can meet your needs.

It’s important that you think about the internal capacity for taking on social media too. Do you have the skills within your team? Is there available time from your team on a regular basis to keep the social media platforms updated consistently? If the time and skills are lacking in your business, social media posting will be missed or be sporadic. That’s not good for marketing. Instead, it makes good business sense to outsource your online marketing to ensure it is consistent and professional.

Of course, you need to think about your budget too. Can you afford to employ someone full-time to manage your social media platforms? Do you need someone full-time? Could a part-time person manage social media? Do you have space for them in your office? Could it work out better to outsource your social media – money and space wise?

If you feel ready to outsource your social media marketing, then speak to our team. We can post on your social media accounts 3 times a week for just £50 a month. Alternatively, we can spend a set number of days in your office, working with you on your social media presence and educating your team.

Here at Creative Content Company, we want to support businesses with their online presence. This means that we can work in a way that suits your needs. Need in-house support, full-outsourced or a bit of help here and there – our social media marketers in Peterborough can help.