It is easy to forget that when you are posting online, this is still the reputation of your business. Are you protecting your reputation online?

We recently saw a post on a Facebook group asking for help with social media posting for their business. We were recommended to the person and two other people recommended themselves. One was a female and looking at her public page it was photos of her pouting and doing fish-lips. We are talking about 3-5 new photos, with the same pose, every single week. Brilliant, this is a girl that likes to look good… but how will she represent by business? Will she be too busy topping up her make-up?

The other person was male and their public personal page was lots of photos of beer gardens, alcohol and nights out. Great, this is a fun guy… but will I be able to get hold of him on a Monday morning or will he be hung-over? Am I risking him posting on my social media instead of his when he’s enjoyed a crazy night out?

If you are a business owner, or connected to the business you are working for online then you need to remember that it is your reputation and the reputation of your company or the business you work for, that you need to protect.

Think before you post. Consider looking at your privacy settings on your personal page. If you are having a crazy night out where you’ll end up collapsed in a gutter – is that something you want your clients and potential clients to see?

It’s a good idea to remember your digital footprint too. Even if you see the photos the next morning and quickly delete them, they are still out there somewhere. They will still be seen, and still could have been seen. Your online interactions leave a permanent footprint, somewhere!

We all like to have fun, but do you want potential clients to see just how much fun you have, very weekend?

Are You Protecting Your Reputation Online?