I recently spent a week in Cornwall on holiday. The sights were incredible. We did loads of walking, photo taking, strolls on the beach, eating and more. It was great to get away from it all and experience the beauty England has to offer.

Like most holidays in the UK during September, the weather was changeable!

Some days we were in shorts and a thin top, other days a fleece. Some days a jumper, hoody and waterproof jacket. As is usual with holidays in the UK, all these outfits could be worn in one day, with weather changing by the hour.

As happened one day. Each time we went out my face mask went into my back pocket. As I put it on and off it would often go back into my coat pocket, or one of the various layers that I was wearing. This resulted in 10+ masks in my pockets, and fewer in my jeans.

Yep, you know what’s coming – because we have all been there.

One hot afternoon I’ve taken off my coat and left it at the cottage, as we strolled down the harbour in Padstow in the sunshine. We are in the process of buying a house (sadly not in Cornwall), so were on the lookout for a piece of art for our new home. With lots of art galleries in the harbour, we were feeling confident.

On arriving at the art gallery, after an ice cream (of course), we saw the sign that asked for masks to be worn. I went to my pocket, and realised my mask was in my coat. I didn’t have a mask on me, and nor did my partner. The shop, understandably didn’t let us in. Our 2 friends didn’t want to go in without us, so we all left the shop.

But it all could have been so different.

What if the shop sold face masks? As an art gallery / art shop with numerous different artists couldn’t they have face masks with some of the artwork on? Could they have had disposable masks that you gave a small donation to charity for? If they sold a mask, who knows what else we would have bought from them!

So, the thought I would like to leave you with today, is are you missing out on sales? What could you do to make it easier for your customers to buy from you to help avoid missing out on sales?