It has been reported that the SME sector could be missing out on around £122 billion of sales each year. While we are not claiming that one business alone could be missing out on this. We can confirm that businesses within the SME sector are missing out on this amount of sales as a whole!

How are businesses within the SME sector missing out on this amount? Because they are letting their marketing efforts slip!

The report found via Google showed that 11% of SME business owners are doing none of their planned marketing. 

It is reported that if SME businesses were to increase their marketing effort that they could increase their sales by around 9.2%.

The report also found that the average SME business owner achieves just 39% of their planned marketing activity.

Talking to business owners about their own marketing, a worrying third of SME business owners felt that they would rate their marketing efforts under 5 out of ten!

But why is this happening? 

There are so  many marketing agencies out there that help SME business owners with their marketing needs.

We work closely with Natalie of The Little Marketing Company who helps business owners plan their marketing. We then work within business owners to help them achieve the marketing efforts they have set out. In many cases they have found they don’t have the time or skills to complete the planned marketing efforts.

If you are worried that your business could be missing out on part of £122 billion of sales each year, due to a lack of marketing efforts then give us a call. We can talk about what we can offer to help you. We can also take your marketing budget and discuss with you what we can do for the marketing budget you have available.

Alternatively, we can also connect you with Natalie if you would like, a marketing strategy company that we highly recommend to our clients.