We are all feeling the pinch against the cost-of-living crisis. This could be due to clients spending less, fewer customer or pressure regarding pay for employees. Personally, you might be feeling the pinch too. Perhaps you have seen that the food shopping and utility bills are going up. Maybe you have found that as a business you can’t purchase the equipment needed for your business.

In which case, you might be looking for an insurance against the cost-of-living crisis for your business.

How about online marketing? Online marketing could be your insurance against the cost-of-living crisis. If you are losing clients and customers, your business sales have dropped or you are getting traffic to your website, this will affect the profits of your business. However, if you are boosting your online presence, then you can attract new clients.

When the covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown happened, we saw clients pull back on their online marketing spend. This then meant we had to play catch-up when the world returned to a form of normality. Meanwhile, the businesses that kept on plugging away throughout the lockdown stayed a step ahead of the competition. The businesses that continued marketing throughout the lockdown saved time, money and effort when compared to the businesses that went on hold and then returned.

So, maybe this is why we think online marketing could be your insurance against the cost-of-living crisis. By continuing promoting your business online you will keep your existing audience engaged and attract a new audience too. These will become new clients for your business.

Of course, there is no real insurance against the cost-of-living crisis. However, it is worth considering online marketing. Our blogs are just £40 each. Imagine how much traffic one blog post could direct to your website and business? How many sales would you need to make to get that £40 back in your business? Now imagine a weekly blog post at £35 each – these would get you seen by your audience quicker. How many sales would you need to get that money back into your business?

If you are looking for insurance against the cost-of-living crisis, then why not speak to our online marketing team? We can create an online marketing campaign to suit your budget and potential sales.