Are you keeping your marketing fire burning? It’s a really valid question for businesses. Many of us have been camping before and struggled lighting a fire. Just like when you start your own business. You want to get your marketing started, but it takes time. Just as it takes time to start the fire.

However, throwing a bucket of cold water over your fire, it will quickly go out. Just like when you stop posting on social media or stop creating new blog posts for your website.

If you have ever sat round a campfire or fire pit before, you will know that by putting some small kindling on the fire it will keep it going. By not letting the fire go out, you can keep the fire going for longer. If the fire goes out, then it is going to take even more time to get it started again.

Here at Creative Content Company we are urging you to keep popping some kindling in your fire. You might decide that you don’t need to put the huge amounts of wood on the fire during lock down or the coronavirus out break. However, you really do need to keep putting something on the fire to keep the fire going. You may choose to drop your marketing budget – but you need to carry on doing some form of marketing for your business.

If you have put your weekly blog posts on hold with your blog writer, contact them now. Ask them to do a monthly blog post instead. Just to keep some kindling on the fire and to keep the fire alight. It’s the same with marketing, a little bit here and there will keep your marketing and brand awareness going.

Perhaps you have chosen to put your social media campaign on hold. Instead of putting nothing on social media, put something on social media. Post something, even if you don’t choose to do as much as you were – you need to post something.

Dropping your budget is better than taking away the budget all together. Don’t put your marketing fire out. Instead, make sure you are keeping your marketing fire burning. If you’re not sure how; give us a call.