Yes – this is ANOTHER GDPR blog!I’m sure you have received many emails and seen lots of blog posts explaining how a company will use your data and that you are safe in your hands.

This is another blog post doing exactly that.

Here at Creative Content Company we use Mailchimp to send our emails; all we store on this secure application is your email address and name, unless you have added anything else to your account in which case this will also be on Mailchimp. This data is left on that application and not taken to be used elsewhere. Unless you click to book a service off that email and we need to do some work for you.

We store the work we do for our clients, past and present. We will also store their names, email addresses and sometimes mailing addresses. This is so we can send work again if it is misplaced as well as to send work to the client and send invoices too as we like to get paid. We don’t ever see a clients bank details so these are not stored by us. We have some postal addresses so we can send nice treats like Christmas cards and invitations.

If we do clients social media management then we will automatically store their details on the social media site and via Hootsuite. The email where the password and username was taken is deleted after we have got the details we need.

We will never sell or pass your details on to another company and we will do our best to keep your details as safe as possible.

We send email newsletters no more than 12 times a year; this is to keep you posted on what we are doing, what’s coming up and any special offers. If you want to unsubscribe we won’t be offended; there is an unsubscribe button at the base of every email we send so you can unsubscribe at any time you choose.

If you’re not on our mailing list and want to join this newsletter then let us know.

That’s all – that’s our GDPR blog post. If you have any queries, just ask!