Valentines Day is on its way and love is certainly in the air here at Creative Content Company. We want to show you how much we love local small businesses. We are doing this by extending our annual blogs special offer. Up until the end of 2021 you could purchase a years’ worth of blog posts for just £355. This was an awesome deal that lots of businesses have taken up.

However, we would now to tell you, as the feeling of love is in the air, our annual blogs special offer is extended. You can now purchase 11 blog posts for just £345. This is one blog post a month for the rest of 2022. You’ll then be at the top of the list for the client special offer next year. This means that you’ll be offered you a lower rate than the rate we offer to businesses that are not yet clients.

What we think is really exciting though, is our client loyalty raffle. Even though you will be making a one-off payment of £345 for 11 blog posts, you will get monthly blog posts. This means that each month you will be entered into our client loyalty raffle. You will have the chance to win a Twitter satire book, tickets to SportsAid Peterborough, doughnuts delivered to your office and more. Each month we choose one client at random. If you sign up for our annual blogs special offer – it could be you.

You might be thinking that now you need to come up with blog post ideas, titles and topics. Nope! We will brainstorm blog post ideas for you and that is all included in the special deal too. Our team of bloggers in Peterborough will come up with the blog ideas. You then choose your favourite ideas and each month we will send you the chosen blog post.

If this is a service that you are interested or you would like to know more about the annual blogs special offer, call our team now. You will need to contact us by 3pm on Monday 14th February to sign up for our annual blogs special offer. That’s right, you have until Valentines Day to sign up. We look forward to working with you on your business blogging needs.