I am sure I am not alone in receiving lots of emails every week offering me numerous different products and services. From light bulbs and Polish wives. Right through to brand new websites and SEO support.

I have shared some of these emails before. The ones that worry my clients and leave them wondering if they should be doing something else, just to prove that these are spam emails. This is another spam email, but perhaps worse than usual – they have done absolutely no research at all.

In this most recent email I was being offered social media training. A service which we offer and provide to our clients…

This is the email;

Hi Hazel,

My name is Andrew Young and I am a Digital Skills Training Consultant with Imparture.

Imparture has an upcoming ‘Social Media Marketing Immersive’ training course, designed to bring you up-to-speed on the fundamental elements of any solid social strategy.

As Owner And Founder of Creative Content Company at Creative Content Hazel, this course should be a very strong fit for your role and skill set.

You can .

Here’s a quick overview of course program for you:

Social media strategy – Content strategy – Facebook – Instagram – Facebook & Instagram advertising – YouTube – Twitter – LinkedIn – Pinterest – Snapchat – Google+ – Blogger outreach – Social media analytics Any questions – or if you’d like to jump on a call – please just let me know.

Kind regards,

Andrew Young

Sales Development Representative


London / New York / San Francisco

I think this email just reiterates the importance of doing your research first. If they had just looked at my website they would see we offer social media management to our clients. Also that we run social media training sessions too.

If this email asked if I knew people it would be of interest to then this might have been a better tact – but still not ideal.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how good your offering may be. If you aren’t doing your research or sending it to the wrong people, then you may as well not bother!