I have been working on Peterborough Light Project since December, for the second year and I wanted to share with you this letter we received from a mother of one of our guests, Adam. I met Adam on his first night and he is genuinely a very kind, genuine man who was really at rock bottom. Here is what his mother had to say;

Dear Sue,

My Son (Adam) became homeless 3 nights ago and due to his circumstances, he was unable to come to me as I live overseas. This left him with zero options so when he was advised about your amazing ‘Winter Night Shelter’ project, it came as a great relief!

Fortunately (and after much prayer!) he was referred to your project and for the last 3 nights, has been sending me regular updates and photo’s. The little touches (like welcome notes on the bed, towels and toiletries) are truly heartwarming. Adam really seems to have embraced the scheme, he has enjoyed the food, (he loves his food and eats rather a lot!) the company, the warmth, the kindness of the volunteers and I really believe that he will now turn over a new leaf. 

This morning he has called me with the best news! Apparently, he has now been allocated a temporary hostel which will enable him to move forward with his life. We always said he had to reach ‘rock bottom’ before he would be ‘open’ & ‘willing’ to change and he has stated that he never, ever wants to be in this position again so things can ‘hopefully’ only improve from here. 

The reason for my email is to thank you and all of the wonderful volunteers that give up their time for people with little or no hope. I cannot tell you how much stress this has alleviated from both myself and Adam and we will be forever grateful that projects like this exist. The other night I told Adam to keep praying, he was on a bit of a downer and his response was “Well, it hasn’t helped so far!”. 

I explained that it certainly has because how else did he end up being given safe haven in a Church! 

As a token of my thanks, I have just donated through the website and have also set up an account for regular monthly donations to be taken in order that others in Adam’s situation can receive the same care. I’m afraid it’s only a small amount but I know that every little helps. 

Please pass on my sincerest and utmost thanks to all of your volunteers and know that this Mother will be forever grateful!

With kindest regards,


P.S. I shall now pray for all others in the scheme to be given more permanent shelter