Creative Content Company will only be contactable by email on Friday 27th July as we are taking 30 of our top clients and contacts to a day at the polo in Cambridge. This is a chance for us to celebrate our 5th year in business and also to thank those that have supported us over the last 5 years.

5 years is a big deal for the team here at Creative Content Company and for many small businesses across the UK. The Telegraph reports that almost half of all new businesses fail within in the first 5 years, while other studies show that just 4 in 10 small businesses will be trading after 5 years in business.

Our 5th birthday isn’t until 23rd September 2018, so just under 2 months away, but we are feeling very confident we will make through the next few weeks and for many months and years after that. To our owner Hazel, this is not a hobby-business. This is her dream and she is going to keep it going for as long as possible and for as long as we have happy clients that enjoy our services.

We celebrated our 1st birthday with a party at Peterborough Museum, this was when Hazels’ grandparents found out what she had been up to for the last year – but if you want to hear more about that story you will have to ask her yourself.

We then celebrated our 3rd birthday at our new office in Norman Cross Art Gallery with the work from Hazels’ favourite artist’s donning the walls; Gilson Lavis, who is also the drummer for the Jools Holland band.

However, our 5th birthday is the biggest celebration so far and we are super excited for it!

This Friday we are off to the polo, 21st September we will have a party at our gallery with drinks and nibbles on a Friday evening and then on 9th October we have a small number of stands booked for our charity of the year, some of our top clients that couldn’t make the polo and of course, we have a stand too!

Year 5 is a year of celebrations for us and we can’t wait to see what the future holds; will you be part of our future?