Want a 10% Increase?

Did you know Search Engines show a 10% increase in click-throughs when a website is enhanced by social media activity? Whether you did or didn’t know that, what are you doing about it?

Want To Grow Sales?

By using social media you can increase sales for your business and if you’re not using social media then your competitors will be – how comfortable do you feel about leaving a huge marketing area completely open for your competition to come along and steal your potential clients?

Want To Know About Latest Technology?

Perscope was brand new to the market in February and can help you grow brand awareness and even gain sales. You need to start using it before your competitors so you can lead the trend and gain new clients before your competitors wake up to it.

How Can You Get Ahead In Your Industry?

We are offering social media and blogging workshops so you can learn how to use these marketing tools to your advantage in a way that is better than your competition – there is a whole world of new clients out there through social media and they are yours for the picking.

Why Go On A Workshop Now?

There are two reasons you want to go on our workshop now. One – you want to learn these skills before your competitors do and Two – we only run courses quarterly and we don’t always run the same courses so if you don’t go on our workshop now you could miss out.

Why Book A Workshop Now?

If you book your space on one of our workshops now you will save £50. Until the 31st October our workshops are £50 and £75, after the 31st October these will be £100 and £125 so booking now will save you money.

Mike Greene, Secret Millionaire and successful business owner said to his mentor that he didn’t see the point of social media and didn’t want to bother doing it.  His mentor replied “Fine, if you don’t want to grow your business and just stay where you are, then don’t do with social media!”