We will very often meet business owners who want new website content written for their business, they need business blog posts but don’t have the time to write them themselves, or they need help with social media management as they don’t have the skills, time or inclination.

Sometimes at networking or an arranged meeting we will sit with the business to understand what they want and need, before discussing our recommended offerings with them. This will sometimes result in the comment that we don’t know the business, industry, service or product as well as they do.

While the company may see this as a negative, as copywriters in Peterborough we see this as a positive.

Because we don’t work in your industry it means we can sell your business much better to your target audience. This is because we are ‘Jo Public’ just like they are.

You live in your business and have done since before it began. This means you are the best possible person to sell your business to someone in your industry or someone in your business. However, because you are so far in your business, it means you may not be the best person to sell your offerings to the target audience.

Having an outsider complete a website review is brilliant as it is a fresh pair of eyes of your business and enables you to view your business and website another way. The same can be said for a copywriter in Peterborough writing your website content and blog posts for you. They will write the content in words and terms that your target audience understand.

The other benefit of a copywriter in Peterborough writing your content is that they have SEO experience, understand what Google likes and wants to see and knows how to get your blog, business and brand seen by your target audience, because that is the business that they are in and that is the business they know and understand inside out.