Here at Creative Content Company, working for home just didn’t work for us. I set up the business as a single person living alone and working alone – although I had about 20+ tropical fish they weren’t really great company (no offence guys!), so within 3 months of setting up my own business I got myself an office to work in and this quickly helped me find sanity again – yet sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what I need.

Previously I have taken my notepad to the local coffee shop (Bewiched in Peterborough of course), and used that time and the fresh space as a chance to view the business from the outside and brainstorm new ideas and different things we can try to make Creative Content Company more successful. The time out of the office is never used to look at clients, but more to reflect on my own business.

I have recently got a client who requires a lot of contact to start the project and it means that I am staying in Wolverhampton overnight as we have separate meetings and long meetings over a day or two, so I decided that instead of rushing back to Peterborough in between meetings and wasting hours on the road and returning exhausted, why not take Creative Content Company to Wolverhampton sometimes?

So here I am blogging from Wolverhampton, currently in a McDonalds.

I have spent the last few weeks getting my notepad out every time I have an idea for a blog post and then I have bought this notepad to Wolverhampton with me; I am currently writing more blog posts in half a day than I do in a lot longer when I am in the office and I am seeing things around me that give me new ideas and inspiration too.

From one business owner to another; may I recommend that you give yourself a change of scenery and you may be surprised at just how much you can get done for your own business; if you don’t take the time to look at your own business you can never improve or continue growing.

There are lots of different options for a change of scenery; it could be as simple as working in your back garden or if you work from home you could go to a local workspace or hot desk alternatively if you work in an office why not take your notepad or tablet to a local coffee shop or café; my only advice is that you remember to pack your headphones.

I am relieved that I remembered to pack mine as it seems all the children of Wolverhampton have also decided to come to McDonalds today!