As you will have seen from previous blog posts and social media updates, I presented at and sponsored Unique Mumpreneur in December. Following my presentation, there was a mini workshop where we made vision boards. However, just before this was a Priority List and this has resulted in my thought for 2020.

We were given a sheet of paper which was headed ‘Priority List’, and then there were 10 spaces. We had to create a priority list of where we put people in our lives. Straight at the top I put myself. This was followed by things like my partner, step kids, grandparents, clients, homeless people with Light Project Peterborough and my friends.

After the allotted time we shared our priority lists with each other. Around 80% – 90% of people in the room had either forgotten to put themselves on the list, or put themselves at the bottom of the list. I couldn’t believe it.

My motto is that “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. If you’re exhausted and worn out, how can you help those you love?

However (and here is how a thought for 2020 comes in), I look at what I am doing and realise that perhaps my Priority List is in my ideal world?

I put me at the top and then 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place were taken up my family members, etc. After these came clients and homeless people in 6th and 7th position.  Yet New Years Day I will be spending the evening with the homeless people through Light Project Peterborough and three days over the Christmas holidays I was at work, dealing with client stuff.

Yet I don’t feel sad about this and I enjoy helping the homeless and working with my clients.

A priority list is a great idea to make you aware of what priorities you have, and to make you aware of things that aren’t prioritised where they should be. For example, friends came in at 8th place. However noted next to this I stated that this was a goal for 2020. I want to see my friends more next year and make more time for them.

But, what I think is really important and must be used as a thought for 2020 by everyone that reads this, is that you MUST make you a priority. I know with kids, family members, work commitments, financial worries and more this can be tricky – but you need to find time for you.

Please take this as a thought for 2020.