Lockdown has been tough for a lot of us and sometimes it is the little things that really make you smile. This is a testimonial about Hazel that we received from Jean Stace. Jean works with Utility Warehouse and helps people save money on their utilities. She is always on the lookout for bargain hunters as she genuinely believes she can help them save more money.

Jean is one of the members of BNI Quantum, the BNI chapter that I am in. Just the other day she shared this lovely testimonial about Hazel with the group. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the testimonial and just had to share it with you all;

Dear Hazel,

Over the last few months, since lock-down and since you joined Quantum, you have done more and more for us as a Chapter. 

You have posted ‘copy’ for each of us and our visitors on Social Media and showed us how to share this content and each other’s posts too.

I for one have become much more able to use the various media available and happier to give it a go. 

You’ve shown me ways to raise the profile of my business online, in subtle ways, without risking it’s integrity.

You are a true example of ‘Givers Gain’.

Thank you for all your help and skill sharing. We will continue to confidently recommend you and your amazing services to everyone we meet.

Kind regards,

Jean Stace

For me, it was just a little bit extra work to try and help my fellow members, but to have been recognised for this extra time I have put in, in such a lovely way? Well, it honestly meant so much to me.

I think this testimonial about Hazel needed to be shared for two reasons. Firstly, because it shows I’m a good person and that’s never a bad thing is it!?!?!!? But secondly, it speaks volumes about Jean of Utility Warehouse. It shows she is a person that cares about others. Jean is clearly someone that is appreciative of others time and effort – and that is definitely someone I would like to do business with.

So, if you’re looking to save money on your utility bills and want to know if she can help; drop me a line and I will connect you.

Jean Stace - UW