I recently received a phone call from prison. It was a man that remembered me from when I volunteered in Peterborough Prison. I last spoke there almost 3 years ago, and at that time I was volunteering there for half a day, every other week.

I was speaking to a group of up to 10 residents at a time, from the male side of prison, about running your own business. I spoke about the challenges I face as a business owner and talked to them about digital marketing and online marketing that they can do themselves.

Fast forward 3 years and I receive a phone call at work from a man that asks if I remember him.

He sat in one of these classes a few years ago, he remembered some of the things I said and has tried some of them. He also remembered that I said I was happy to chat with any of them on release to offer advice or guidance that could help them on their journey.

I was gobsmacked! With everything that went on in his life since then and since his release a few months back – he still remembered me, and my promise.

I was volunteering at Peterborough Prison. Going in for half a day, every other week to talk with different groups. I did this for around 2 years. During these sessions I was just hoping I was making a difference in their lives, even one small difference.

This one phone call from prison proved that I did. I have made a difference in just one person’s life. They remembered me, remembered what I told them and have come to me as someone they can trust.

Sometimes you never know if what you have said or done has helped someone; it was great to find out that what I did had helped.

If you want to get involved in a project that helps people, then don’t hesitate – just do it.

You never know how much it could help, and they could come back 3 years later to tell you just how grateful they are.