I was recently nominated (apparently multiple times) for the Small Business Awards Peterborough. I was sent an application form that I had to complete and I felt it was a shame to have this information about and insight into my business hidden away.

So I have copied it into a blog for you, so you can learn more about Creative Content Company, why I started the business, what makes Creative Content Company different and what our plans are going forward!

Tell us about the business?

My business is Creative Content Company; we offer social media training, social media management, website content and blogging. I set up the business to help small businesses and start-up businesses achieve more for their business online. It was never about earning lots of money, but instead really helping business owners to do what they love and get the best for their business.

I love the fact that running my own business enables me to work with people and help them achieve their goals, but it also allows me to spend time in the community and working on community projects such as careers days in prison, helping re-home and mentoring homeless people, mentoring special needs children, raising money to sponsor local children in sports, helping young children learn to read and more.

Why did you start the business?

I set up the business because I worked for a large company that were very good at helping large companies get larger and rich people get richer, but I wanted to really help a company and see how my impact helped them grow.

Again, for me it was all about helping people; not just making money.

It also gave me the chance to work around helping in the community which a full-time job was not able to offer.

What makes you different to your competitors?

I am what makes me different to my competitors; I believe that people buy people. I am a frequent networker and often offer free help, training or guidance to people in business that I meet. I work hard to make sure people get to know me and like me, so they can trust me with their business or recommend me to other businesses.

I think what also makes my business different to the competitors is the community side of the business – I am unaware of any of my competitors doing as much for their business community or local community as we do. We also shout about what we do to get other businesses involved – we can only do so much, but by getting others involved we can achieve a LOT more!

What are your plans for the next year?

Our plans are to continue working hard on the community projects we are involved in and support them to the best of our ability. We will continue to work with the clients and make them as happy as they currently are with our work, or even happier!

The business will always stay as me and my admin lady because we like the personal service and we like to know we are offering the very best possible service that we can.

Wish me luck for my interview for the Small Business Awards Peterborough in August.

Don’t forget there is still time to nominate a worthy business that you know; just go to the website by clicking here and click on Nominate!