All the time I hear of people that get loads of connection requests and they don’t know what to do with them. Some people click ‘accept’ to all and then find their news-feed filled with stuff that is not of interest, bores them and puts them off using Linkedin all together. While others click ‘decline’ to all and then wonder if that could have been the customer / client of their dreams.

So what could you do with connection requests on LinkedIn; how can you manage this social media platform?

Once or twice a week we check all the people that have sent us a connection request – if we know them and want to connect with them, then we accept the request. We then follow this with a message to touch base and say we have connected, etc. We will include a question to engage and start the conversation to continue building the relationship.

If we don’t know the person that has sent us a connection request we click on ‘manage all’ and ‘send message’. The message will include a welcome or greeting with their name, it will be engaging and personal, asking what they have done and have planned, along with what we are doing. It will ask who they are and why they want to connect so we can better network with them. We will also include a link to the website so they can find out more about our business. This will often be a blog post link that we think they’ll find useful.

This is an example of a message we sent via Linkedin on Monday 15th October;

Good Morning Jerome & Happy Monday,

I hope you had a good weekend?

I did the Great Eastern Fun Run yesterday to raise money for Little Miracles; as you can probably tell by the weather; it was a very wet one!

How is your week ahead looking?

It looks to be a busy but productive one here.

Thank you for your recent connection request; however without a personalised message I am unsure of your reason to request a connection?

In the meantime, I thought you might like a link to my recent blog post that was uploaded earlier today;

I hope to hear from you soon!

Many Thanks,


We will then send this message every few days until we get a reply. If it gets to four weeks ago that they requested to connect with us and we have had no response we will send them a message explaining we have declined their request as we had no response and that we use Linkedin as an active social media networking platform.

This social media management process helps us make sure we only connect with the right people so we can get the most out of Linked as a social media tool.

How do you use Linkedin?