Have you heard of guest posting? Do you now how it can benefit your business? Guest posting can be an extremely cost-effective way to get your name out to a new audience. It is also a great bit of online promotion to help boost your brand awareness online.

On Tuesday 26th April I will be doing a free presentation on guest posting. I will be talking about what guest posting is. This will include how it works, why it works and the benefits of guest posting. Where possible, I will also be connecting attendees with other businesses where guest posting can be used.

As a brief overview, guest posting is a blog of one company on the website of another company. For example, we would create a blog post for a web design company. The blog post would then be seen by the audience of the web design company. They get a blog post for their SEO, and we get in front of a new audience of potential clients.

In our free presentation on guest posting, we will share the sorts of companies you could link with for guest posting. I will also be sharing my own connections details that you can link up with for guest posting. On top of this, at our free presentation on guest posting we will be sharing some special offers to hep you save money too.

However, there is something that’s better than all of that.

You can come along to 1Networking free of charge to see my free presentation on guest posting. We meet at 11.50am every Tuesday. By coming along to see my presentation you’ll get to network with our fab members, and some other visitors too – all from the comfort of your own home!

Want to know more about Guest Posting? Pop along to my presentation or drop me an email if you are busy from 12noon on Tuesday 26th April. Want to know more about 1Networking? Drop me a message and I will send you a free invite.