Many of you will have seen a previous blog post we created. It spoke about a special offer for new customers only. There was outrage that we would treat new customers better than those existing and loyal customers that had stood by us. However, on closer inspection (by reading the blog) it turned out that existing clients of Creative Content Company were still getting a better deal. Well, now it gets even more exciting for existing clients. We are offering a creative treat for existing clients only.

We sent out some lovely packs to our clients during lock down to welcome them back to the office. Enclosed was the special creative treat for existing clients. So, it is now safe to tell everyone about the special creative treat we have in store for our future existing clients.

As you may have seen I had to sadly postpone my wedding as it was due to take place during lockdown. All of our suppliers were really supportive. It was a yucky time, but it wasn’t too painful. Since then we had a chat with Dan, our wedding photographer. Together we came up with a little creative treat for existing clients.

All existing clients will get a free family photo shoot with Dan Waters Creative Photography . You can see why it’s a ‘creative’ treat now? On top of this they will also get a free canvas print from the day. This free photo shoot could be you and your pet or you with your partner and pets. It could be a photo shoot for you and your kids. Alternatively, it could the whole family with aunts, uncles, cousins and more involved.

Just a quick look at Dan Waters Creative Photography Facebook page and you’ll quickly see how creative and talented he is.

Here at Creative Content Company we are always shouting about how awesome our clients are. We always thank them for their loyalty with little treats too. However, this amazing offer from Dan Waters Creative Photography just felt like the perfect match for us. It is a lovely little treat for our existing clients.

Want to know more? Well, you’ll have to join us and become an existing client!