When you’re networking it is really important that you follow up with your contacts afterwards. Otherwise you may just become forgotten and fall into the blur of people that were met at the networking event.

LinkedIn is a really good place to follow up with people in business. It is a great business platform and a strong networking tool too. There are two ways that you can connect with people on LinkedIn at networking events and we would like to share these with you.

This is much easier than collecting business cards and then putting all the names in LinkedIn to try and find the people you met. Followed by waiting for them to connect, if they want to!

By using these LinkedIn tricks you can connect with people on LinkedIn right then and there, at the event!

Clever LinkedIn Trick One:

Go to the ‘connections’ icon on your LinkedIn app, this is usually two heads. Along the top of the screen you will see ‘Find Nearby (OFF)’.

Click on this and ask the person you are talking to, to do the same. This will bring up all the people at the event that have also got there ‘Find Nearby’ turned on. It will also bring up the person you are talking to so you can add each other on LinkedIn.

This works really well at large exhibitions and networking events where there are lots of people you may want to connect with so you can network together further, at a later date.

Clever LinkedIn Trick Two:

The other option is by clicking the icon that is 3 squares and a cross. It is small icon that can be found in the ‘search’ bar. Clicking on this gives you two options, the ‘scan’ or ‘my code’ options. Clicking on ‘my code’ brings up the LinkedIn code for the other person to scan. If you click scan it will let you scan the other person’s code.

This can work well in a small group where you can scan each other’s codes. It is also a good idea if you are unable to spell the other person’s name. It helps avoid any embarrassing typos and means you don’t have to ask their name again.

We hope this article helped you use LinkedIn better, or understand how LinkedIn can be used better. If you’d like to book some LinkedIn training with us, then please contact us directly.