Coming up with ideas for blog posts for your business is often one of the things that holds many businesses back from blogging for their business. Here at Creative Content Company we are always coming up with fun, engaging and informative blog topic ideas for our clients that will help with the SEO of their website, helping them get more traffic to their website and more sales for their business.

Here are 8 blog topic ideas we can up with for virtual assistants;

1. What To Do After Networking

Talk about what happens after attending a networking event, including that you need to follow up on contacts, how and when to follow up as well as what to do with the business cards that you collect when networking.

2. How A VA Can Help You In Meetings

Write all the ways you can help with an upcoming meeting, such as arranging travel and accommodation, preparing the presentation for them, managing the office emails while they are at the meeting and such like.

3. Why Is Social Media Important For Small Businesses?

Explain to the reader why social media is so important for small businesses and the benefits of using social media, explain why they need to use it regularly and end by explaining that if they are struggling with finding time to do social media you can do it for them. This is ideal if you offer social media as one of your services.

4. Why Blog for Your Business?

Talk about the benefits of blogging for your business, how often people should blog, length of blog posts, the reason this is a service that can be outsourced, how to come up with blogging ideas and such like. If you do not offer blogging to your customers as a VA, you can outsource it to us as a whitelabel blogging service.

5. Can VAs Work Together?

Talk about the way VAs can work together, if there is already one in place the business likes they can use another VA to cover skill sectors that the other VA can’t offer, such as social media / blogging / meeting planning / etc.

6. Refocus Your Business With a VA

Talk about how hiring a VA allows you to refocus on your business, taking you away from distractions that the VA is now able to manage such as email checking, fielding calls and such like so the business owner can get on with what they are good at.

7. Save Money By Using A VA

Everyone loves saving money, so use this blog to explain how much money people can save by outsourcing jobs to you, adding that you can get it done quicker as it is your specialist subject and skills area, meanwhile they can get on with running their business and gaining more clients for their business.

8. The Fears Of Outsourcing

List the fears that some people face when outsourcing work and how you can help – basically remove the fears and concerns of outsourcing work when listing fears and explaining what you do to stop these fears.

Bear in mind that each blog you write for your business should ideally be 300-500 words in length to get the best out of them and include keywords such as VA, Virtual Assistant and similar.

If you need help with coming up with more blog topic ideas, the best keywords for your business or need us to write your business blog posts for you then just drop us a line. We would be more than happy to help.