Yes, we are here again, talking about blogging again, and why it is so important – but the reason we keep going on about it is because business blogging really is so good for your business.

1. Reports show that small businesses with blogs on their business website that are regularly updated generate 126% more leads than those businesses that do not blog or have a blog on their website.

2. Research tells us that one of the top three reasons that people follow brands and businesses on social media is because of interesting content – so make sure you create blogs that are full of interesting content, but make sure you share them on social media too!

3. Over 75% of consumers in the UK (and 81% in the US) trust advice, information and opinions that are shared in blog posts. Why not use social media to grow trust and build relationships with potential consumers.

4. Companies that have business blog posts on their company website reportedly have 97% more inbound links than a company website with no business blogs.

5. B2B marketers are big fans of blogging for business too, because they can see that by using blogs on clients websites they can generate 67% more leads than if they did not use blogging as a marketing tool.

6. On average, websites with active business blogs have 434% more indexed pages. The more indexed pages you have the better SEO you have as there is more content for the Google bots to trawl which results in a higher ranking on search engines.

7. It has been proven that websites with an active business blog have 97% more indexed links which, again, results in a better SEO ranking for the website.