In just a few weeks our Owner and Founder Hazel will be running (ish) the 5k at the Great Eastern Run for Alzheimers Society UK and Annas Hope. This will be a challenge for Hazel. If you have not seen her before, it is worth noting she is not built for running. These are her own words! Unlike Dan, our Corproate Event Support Manager who loves running, Hazel does not. She felt it would be good to challenge herself. However, a few weeks in on training and it was quikcly decided running is not for her!

However, never one to let a person down. After all, a promise is a promise. Hazel will be taking on the 5k for Alzheimers Society UK. This will be on the same date as the Great Eastern Run, taking place on Sunday. In all honesty, if Hazel makes it to the end in one peice, she will be happy!

Alzheimers is an awful disease and it completely changes a person and everything about them. This has been clear to see in recent months for Hazel. It is horrible to see the deterioration in others. In some cases this is such a quick change and really hard to manage for those with the illness and those around them.

If you would like to sponsor Hazel in her 5k, or even come along and cheer her on – she would be extremely grateful. If you do see her struggling, a louder cheer would certainly help!

Please contact the team at Creative Content Company directly for details of how to sponsor Hazel with her 5k for Alzheimers Society challenge.