Every year I set myself new challenges under the header of a New Years Resolution. Sometimes they last, sometimes they don’t. This year one of the resolutions I have set myself is to read 52 books this year. This works out to 1 week, on average. I do like reading and I find it really relaxing, especially before bedtime. It’s also a nice hobby to have for my ‘me time’ in a coffee shop. However, my reading habits come and go. So when I heard about the 52 books a year challenge from a friend, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved in.

I am terrible for going to bed and playing on my phone. I can get lost in TikTok videos for hours on end, read terrible article after terrible article or watch YouTube videos about goodness knows what. I’ll go to bed early because I am tired, and then find myself still awake 3 hours later, just watching rubbish on my phone. This is where the 52 books a year challenge is really working for me. 

Through the 52 books a year challenge I am setting myself a real target. Instead of even picking up my phone at bedtime, I go straight for my book. I’m excited to read it and add another book to my list that I have finished reading in 2023. I haven’t given myself a genre of books as I like different things. This gives me the chance to change it up and try new books and authors too. So far, I have read a book about a murderer / serial killer, a teenager finding her roots in New York, a prison doctor, a love story on a beach as well as others. Like I say, varied!

While I know some people like to keep the books they have read to read them again, that’s not me. Once I have read a book, I can’t read it again. So, I have started buying my books from the charity shops. When I have finished them, I donate them to another charity shop. This fits well with my ‘community’ head and doing good things for others. It feels like I am helping the charity with my purchase and my donation. In addition, I am helping others get great books for a lower cost too.

So far the 52 books a year challenge is going well. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel that this challenge might be one that I can complete.

Have you ever taken on a challenge like this?