It was a cold, wet and windy day in December when Hazel (our owner and founder) and Angela (our accounts assistant) found themselves regretting earlier decisions. As the long summer was slowly coming to an end, Hazel saw a lovely advert on Facebook. It was for a 5 miles walk for Kidney Research around Peterborough, starting at the Cathedral. It sounded like a really nice idea. Hazel told Angela and they both signed up.

Fast forward a few months. Hazel and Angela found themselves stood, already soaking wet and cold, in the middle of the cathedral grounds. By the looks of the list of names, about 2 thirds of the attendees had not shown up. Clearly they had chosen that inside was the better option. However, that was not the plan for Hazel and Angela. They decided that they had signed up for the walk, and the walk was what they would do. The promise of a cup of tea on route and then coffee at the café after helped with the motivation too!

Off they set, and nobody was more surprised than themselves to see they were leading the way. The 5 miles walk for Kidney Research started at the cathedral, went through the city centre and along the river. It then went round the Rowing Lake and back again. As the walk continued, Hazel and Angela stayed at the front and led the way. On their return it seemed a man had beaten them back – but having seen him behind them there is discussion as to how he got back so quickly! However, there is no argument that they were the first ladies back across the finish line.

To add a little bit more excitement, and truth to the story, Hazel and Angela were also on Look East News (although Hazel missed it). As you can see from the footage on the news, they led the way from start until finish. They were like drowned rats,  but luckily the footage on the news was recorded earlier on the walk. However, they both proudly have their medals and their charity branded woolly beanie hats.

It was a really nice route for the 5 miles for Kidney Research. While the weather was rubbish, Hazel and Angela currently feel that they would do it again. I think Dan, our Corporate Events Support at the finishing line (arriving with just seconds to spare as he though they’d be slower) was a lovely surprise for them both!

The sponsorship page is still open if you would like to sponsor them or find out more about the event. Sadly the news article is no longer available.