Here at Creative Content Company we love coming up with blog post ideas to help our clients. We know that some people want to write the blog posts themselves, but they just need help with the titles. In this blog post we have put together blog post ideas for virtual assistants.

These blog post ideas for virtual assistants can be used by any VA’s out there. They won’t be the same because every VA will have a different take on the idea. They’ll also write the blog post in a different way, as every VA is different.

If you know someone that will find these blog post ideas for virtual assistants useful then please feel free to share this blog post with them. After all, sharing is caring!

What Is A VA?

Every now again, with other blog posts in-between you should write a blog post titled What Is A …? Use the different terminology as the title for each as this will be what people will be looking for. For example, VA, Virtual PA, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Services Provider and so on. People will search these questions on Google and in your blog post they will find the answer and see what you offer as a business of that ‘service’.

Top Multi-Tasking Tips

Create a blog post that lists top tips for multi-tasking. Within this list or to round off the blog post include that as a VA you can help with multi-tasking by giving the client less tasks to worry about and reduce their stress.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

In this blog post talk about the different reasons that people start their own business. You could even talk about your business story and why you started your business. In the blog post talk about the fact people rarely stat a business to do admin, and that you can take that boring part away for them so they can do what they enjoy.

How Much Could A VA Save You?

You could have this as one blog post talking about the time and money that a VA saves you. Alternatively you could have two different blog posts. One with the title How Much Time Could A VA Save You? The other blog posts called How Much Money Could A VA Save You? You could then do a third blog post called How Much Sanity Could A VA Save You. These blog posts will cover the benefits of your services and how they help clients save time, money or sanity.

Take The Stress Out Of …

This would be a series of blog posts. Each blog post would cover a different service you offer. For example how to take the stress out of networking and talk about the fact you can organise business cards and connect with contacts after the event on the clients behalf. Another could be take the stress out of email management and you explain how you manage emails for clients. These blog posts could go on and on with different titles and services.