Blogging for business is a super important marketing tool of a business and can achieve many wonderful things for your business, but there are 4 things that business blog posts are really good for and we have listed these here for you;

Business Blogging Gives Credibility

Blogging for your business gains you credibility in your industry and sector, but blogging about your business, your products / services and your sector you are showing yourself as knowledgeable and a ‘go-to’ person for that topic, industry or sector.

Business Blogging Shows Passion

By blogging for your business you are showing you are interested and passionate about your business and what your business does. For example, if you are a coffee distributor why not talk about your recent trip to your coffee plantations abroad, what you saw and why you chose this place for your coffee.

Business Blogging Creates Buzz

There needs to be a certain amount of buss around a business, and this is certainly the case with restaurants and cafes. If your business, product or service has a buzz around it then it will attract more people – and this buzz can be created by blog posts about your business, service or product, including case studies and testimonials so potential clients can hear what others have to say about you.

Business Blogging Allows For Long-Tail Searches

When it comes to SEO you will have keywords that you want your business to be found for; when you use a keyword like hairdresser then you are competing with all the other hairdressers across the internet. By changing this keyword to a long-tail keyword search term you are allowing the exact customers you want to find your business, for example; Wedding hairdresser in Peterborough. This will help people looking that exact service in your areas find you – plus it will save you a fortune on Google Adwords.

If you are finding blog posts for your business to be a bit of a minefield, firstly – you’re not alone! Secondly – give us a call, we can offer business blog post training or create your business blog posts for you.