There are loads of reasons that having a blog and regular blog post on your business website is important and this blog post talking about why a blog is important to a business could go on forever; instead we have decided to focus on just three reasons why a blog is important to a business and if you want any more reasons feel free to ask us or have a look at some of our other blog posts;

1. A Business Blog Leverages And Increases Visibility

By having a blog and regular blog posts on your company website you are leveraging your website on search engines such as Google, but also increasing your visibility in search engine results. For example if a person is looking for a specific service in your areas they will enter this into the search engine; you would then have your company website service page come up, but also blog posts talking about that service in the area including benefits of the service, why they should choose you and latest news about the service. This will mean numerous search results for your business and this increased visibility will encourage the potential customer to visit your website and use your services.

2. A Business Blog Connects With Your Target Audience

You can use your business blog post to promote your business as well as your brand; but you can also use the business blog to show off your personality, voice and tone – it is this that will connect with your target audience and introduce potential customers to your brand and business as they find themselves connecting with you. In your business blog posts make sure you share your personality and promote what is different about you and this will attract the right type of client and customer to your business.

3. A Business Blog Creates An Opportunity For Your Brand To Be Shared

Through blog posts for your business you are giving your fans, followers and existing clients something exciting, engaging and friendly to share with their friends, family, colleagues and business contacts. An existing contact may not want to share a formal services page with their friends, but if the blog post is exciting and engaging or is interesting to them or their connections they will be more willing to share it; therefore creating more brand awareness for your business.

If you would like to know more about blogging for business and how it could work for you then please feel free to ask; we are really friendly and more than happy to answer any queries you may have.