We can all think of the traditional businesses that have been badly affected by coronavirus. For example, high street shops, restaurants, pubs and the domestic tradespeople, to name a few. However, this has had a knock on effect in the marketing industry too. Reports show that 34% of businesses cancel advertising campaigns altogether during these uncertain times.

However, that isn’t where it ends. While 34% of businesses cancel advertising campaigns, 45% of advertising businesses have stopped or pulled their advertising campaign mid-flight. 38% of advertising businesses have chosen to pause all their advertising efforts until the coronavirus pandemic and lock down is over.

A total of 89% of businesses have taken at least some action with their ad budget.

Of course, this is understandable. If they are no longer able to sell their service or product, why advertise it?

Alternatively, if the world is in uncertainty, people may choose to not purchase from a business at this time, so why spend money on advertising?

If 34% of all businesses have pulled their advertising budget then it means there are less adverts put there for consumers to see. It is likely that your competitors have changed their advertising budget too. This means that less marketing messages are going out to consumers. In turn, this means your voice and marketing message has more chance of being seen and heard!

You may choose now isn’t the time to sell, so why not use this time to reassure? Post about the precautions and measures you are taking to ensure your team and customers are safe? Talk about how you are supporting the community, the NHS and those in the local area.

Just seeing your logo during a time when your competition are posting and advertising less, will help boost your brand awareness. It will give you an opportunity to remind your target audience who you are. This will help you in the future too. You will be remembered when we come out of the other side.

If you need help getting your marketing message right during these uncertain times, give us a call!