Here at Creative Content Company we are often asked if we offer SEO services in Peterborough. As a whole, we do not. By this, I mean that SEO is huge. It includes everything from the backend of your website (the bits only Google robots and your web designer can see) right through to the words on your page, your videos, links on other sites and more.

That said, we do offer SEO content writing.

SEO content writing means the words on your website. This includes your website pages and your blog posts.

We will take the time to research your business. We will talk to you about the things you want your customers to type into Google to find your business. These are your keywords. We will then use these keywords to create SEO friendly content.

The length of your content, how many time keywords are used and how they are used is part of SEO too. Good SEO content writing will also include links to other pages from the website, or links to that page from other websites and your own pages.

SEO services are huge, but there is a lot involved in content writing for SEO too. This is why we offer it as a service to businesses. We know it is a task that helps businesses get found online. However, we know experience is needed too – experience that we have.

So, what are the 3 advantage of SEO content writing?

  1. You can get more sales through your website when you have effective copywriting.
  2. Your business will appear in search engines for your chosen search terms, to be seen by your target audience and potential customers.
  3. SEO content will help you increase traffic to your website, which in turn will create more conversions for your business.

If you would like to know more about our SEO friendly content writing services, drop us a line. We can share some top tips to help you write SEO friendly content. Alternatively, we can create the content for your business.