I have been preaching to anyone that will listen that creative content is important for website, after all Google claims that ‘Content is King’ so you need to make sure that the content on your website is informative, engaging and unique. You also need to ensure that your website page content is at least 300 words.

Why 300 words? Google wants to know that you website page is a great source for the topic or keyword that you are talking about. If there are a couple of lines about the keyword or topic it’s unlikely that the article will be terribly informative. You, I and Google know that there should be a significant amount of content on a website page for it to be considered as a great source of information for the reader. Ideally you want to aim for 300-500 words per page to ensure it ranks on search engines, like Google.

Don’t stress yourself out about it though, it is likely that some pages will have less content – like a ‘Contact Us’ page. These pages don’t need to rank, so just make sure they are clean, clear and easy for visitors to find if they do need to contact you.

Ideally you want to include a ‘call to action’ on your page too, these need to stand out clearly and not be over-used. You need to aim for one ‘call to action’ per page, you could have this in a different font or colour to help it stand out if you would like?

Reading text on a computer screen is not everyone’s favourite hobby, we much prefer to read text on paper but this is not always possible so when you are creating website content make it as convenient as possible. Aim for short sentences and short paragraphs, a paragraph of 4-8 lines is a good size to make the content easily readable.

Don’t forget to include links in your content that takes the reader to another page, maybe a blog post, a similar product or service you offer. This is great for SEO but also gives the reader extra information too.

If you need help with the content for your website, give us a call – we are always happy to help!